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mrallround... - Markus, Germany - 28Apr2014 4:11 AM
Hey, are you interested in selling this site?

hello again
mjwhitte... - Mom - NP - 11Feb2009 8:02 PM
Hi, Just browsing before bedtime. Your Adjective stuff is so interesting. Even if I have read it many times. You and your dad endlessly amaze me.

Just wish I wasn't so busy while you were growing up. The year we moved here, you were too young for kingergarten so we were home alone most of the time. It was great. Thank you.

Hey David
garthhawkins... - Bend, OR; Chicago, IL, or Woodbury, TN - 30Sep2005 9:47 PM
Veronica and I are looking at your website and are wondering if you want to come over for a drink - she lives in Bend OR now. Stop over if you get a chance.

We both retired by the way - or at least that's what we are calling it.

you... - 14Dec2004 6:59 PM
What are the adjectives?
Too many kids yell at the top of their lungs to get attention.

I'm not sure how I found this site...
rokchik2... - Santa Rosa, CA - 12Aug2004 10:51 AM
... your photos are great. I was in WL last month and stopped by the bungalow on Lutz. I told the current residents about the housemate that lived in the big storage closet... they didn't believe me.

ybbond... - New Palestine - 30Aug2003 7:37 PM
rumor has it that we have a 20th class reunion coming up.... supposedly the weekend of homecoming..(oct 3) Don't suppose you and the missus (Kim) -( congratulations by the way.....)
are jumping in the car(taking the kid out of school) and driving(or flying) to this event.... If you don't make it ....and I actually go (only if someone interesting shows up) I'll send your regrets.....


Mojo jojo?
Spankpirate... - PuerToRico, USofA - 20Sep2002 10:34 AM
Well it's like a moose sead to me once back in Guyana, "heck I'd skin toothbrush with a can of jiffy if I could run like a pickled donkey"..but then again I was to drunk to remember my own mothers name. Twas Matilda, wasn't it?

subject: (required)
you... - 1Aug2002 7:17 PM
One big Pixel

What the....?!?
...... - Collide A. Scope - 9Jul2002 7:24 AM
Odd site here. Good work.

you would really email me would you?... - I wish I had a cool nick like Neo. - 11Apr2002 2:41 PM
I think it's really sweet that your dad writes
to you here. He says you do good work. that must
be why you are so well adjusted.
the colors hurt my stomach.

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