gimme another

Doesn't It Just Make You SICK that this sort of UN_AMERICANISM is allowed
in this GOD FEARING Country of ours! Why The CENTRAL SERVICE of
Christianity is all ABOUT CANNIBALISM:

'This is my Body .... This is my blood,
eat, ..., drink, .... in rememberance of me.'

Heaven ONLY KNOWS what will happen when all of these Anti_State Elements
are allowed to Spew Their Heathen SeXularism around.

Ritual Cannibalism is An Integral and American part of Wholesome Family
Oriented Living! If You can't stand a little FRESH BLOODY then why not go
live in GodLessKommiePinkoLand!

ps: Why Heaven alone only Knows what keeps all those Atheists from Not
Murdering and Butchering Billions and Billions, and Billions.
We All know that its the FEAR OF GOD that keeps
from partaking of any form of Social Deviationalism, and what with all
these SeXularHumanists trying to UnderMine Their Faith, why, they could
all just SNAP and go on a Rampage without their FEAR OF GOD! (Andrew F. Hampe)

gimme another

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