Here's where you make your own trouble. Add your own bits to the database that generates trouble using the form below. Select the file to add to, and enter text to fit the data type.

Grammatically, trouble works like this:

The <link type> to <link destination> is <link state> because of <cause of trouble>...
<responding telco> is <telco status>.

Please read the example over carefully with your entry in mind; the trouble administrator will only fix syntactical errors when he sees them, and if the database gets large, an error will make trouble look stupid for a long time.

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  • man...what a waste
    nick-at- - Memoryville CA, USofA
    27Sep2002 4:40 PM (20 years 251 days ago)
    I see the implants have finally done their work.
    long live the ... thing that put them in yer brain.
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