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29 Oct 1994 - [image] A Rave! [image]
Hidden in one of 3 buildings for this Halloween gig were me and Bruce (ex-Fuzz Factor). There was Country&Western techno, relative strangeness and a damn good time.
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Flibberty Jib
Perpetually Thursday
A Review
We were billed as Linda McCartney On Tour.. We had a very quick set-up and level check before the hordes were allowed through the front gate. Then we waited until our 11h30pm time-slot. Even though this was the "chill-out" room, a surprising number of people stayed for the entire 50:58 performance, which I took as a good sign. Bruce did his affected guitar bits to satisfaction, but we decided against his vocals on the "Come On Baby, Let's Make Babies" C&W tune. Overall, the vocals were too low in the mix, and the sound system was slightly underpowered. But nobody threw anything, so chalk up a win for us.

Tapes are available from Moosetone Records

Special thanks to Matt Sharp for allowing the use of two of his tunes.

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