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Duck Copyright Copyright 1988 - 2024
Lyrics (such as they are) by Branam, music by Whittemore

Brady likes a challenge - you write something in a strange 6/8 with a single bar break of 32nd note kick drums, and he still manages a lyrics.

This is actually a really sad song. I wrote it the night..... Well, let me start at the beginning. I work late. The summer of '93, when I would go outside, there was a very large toad who would sit on the sidewalk under the light. He was my pet, he was my friend.

One night, it was starting to storm, so i decided to take a look outside, as I opened the door, looked up to the sky, and stepped outside... *Crunch*, he went.

Somewhere along the line, toad permuted into duck (don't ask), and this is my obscure tribute to my dear, dear, dead friend.

I'm damaged, the weather looks the same.
Evening rain and morning coffee,
Don't leave a stain mixing down the drain.
Under the strain of living, everybody's feeling fine -
I'll stay in bed.
The train works but we've no power.
Hoisery that's sliding, luggage lost in time.
At the very least that's where I'm found.
It's crowded here land-locked midland town.
I'm seeing ducks...
Has it gone that far?
They don't give a fuck.
Chunking in their favourite...

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