Vergiftung : Lyrics
Perpetually Thursday Copyright Copyright 1988 - 2024
lyrics by Branam tune by Whittemore

Hmmm. This is a case of Brady crucifying what once was an instrumental built out of Thelonius Monk samples and a catchy 10-bar bassline.

The first line explains the title. Maybe.

There's a girl named Friday I never see.
Only home one night a week
Thankfully message machines
20 seconds is all to be quickly sincere.
Her cats are bored alone
Erasing all they hear
What's she selling on nights like bliss?
An olive moon is rising too far away to kiss
It's pathetic
It's an awful mess
To begin the day on the wrong foot
In the wrong color dress
How's she to know?
How desparately thirsting
The game is televised
There's no hope for thursday
Where does she move
The same space everyday
Heard about tomorrow
But thursday's here to stay
Thursday's here to stay

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