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Whale Copyright Copyright 1988 - 2024
lyrics by Branam tune by Whittemore

Whales from Songs Of The Humpback Whale, Living Music, LD0021.

This song is about 32 years old now; it was inspired in part by the Hypnotone album Ai (Creation Records, 1991). Versions of Whale have been done in the studio with real mics and everything, but this version is one of the earliest we ever did (mastered to cassette, shamefully) simply because the guitar sounds we got from the black box were just too beautiful and un-reproducable in the studio.

Sure, its disco, but i love how it takes 3 minutes to build up and the release at the end is (to me) very emotional for a front-room recording.

Smoke screams through a silent movie
Cold and silver night.
Her hands touch soundlessly
Like these distant dancing lights.
This is as close
Shapes in empty waters sink.
Her surest breathing hides
More than shadows in her eyes.

Our last grey leaving hour.
The colours hold their stare.
No light reveiling
No curtains conceding.
Could you disappear
If you were never really here?

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