I'd like to share some of the 73,658 spam messages I've received..
From: Leola Salas <bkmnf@gc.net>
Date: 2005-02-06 11:45:32
Subject: Christmass SaLe

Subject: Printer Cartridges - Up To 80 Off Retail - Free Shipping Of

From: "colby shell" <cepheus@love13.com>
Date: 2005-07-07 12:30:22
Subject: FW: Remarkable

From: "Rod Davidson" <iszftlfupt@msn.com>
Date: 2004-10-03 15:36:22
Subject: don`t be stupid Savannah remove all spyware from your PC

From: Katharine <subgoal@hilley.com>
Date: 2005-07-18 14:13:27
Subject: Prescriptions for female sexual disfunction

Gimme another random serving, please


Just the most recent additions


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